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Residential Carpet and Furniture Cleaning with Robert Hurley

35 years experience, 35 years building a reputation and for 35 years Robert Hurley's done each and every job. When you're looking for home furniture and carpet cleaning you Go with the Pro- Robert Hurley!

Carpet Colorizing and Dyeing

Custom Carpet Colorizing

Spot Dyeing- I spot dye small areas of your carpeting that have become discolored matching the original carpet's color.

Carpet Tinting- I tint the original carpet to bring back the original color to revitalize carpets that look worn.

Carpet Dyeing- I change the color of your carpeting

My color expertise is unmatched in West Michigan.  With my many years in the field combined with a very sensitive "eye" for color differentiation, I can solve your carpet color problems.  Other carpet cleaning companies, carpet retailers, Realtors and apartment complexes routinely call on me to fix color problems they have.

  • I can help with hiding those bleach, or other cleaning agent spills that have discolored your carpet.
  • I can restore your faded, dull carpet back to the way it looked WHEN   IT WAS NEW!
  • We can change the color COMPLETELY!  Yellow to Green, Light Blue to Mauve, White to ANYTHING.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

FurnitureSofas, chairs and your other fine furniture is safe when you Go with the Pro- Robert Hurley

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