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Robert Hurley- The Professional

32 Years cleaning each customer's home and business!

Custom Carpet Colorizing

ISpot Dyeing- I spot dye small areas of your carpeting that have become discolored matching the original carpet's color.

Carpet Tinting- I tint the original carpet to bring back the original color to revitalize carpets that look worn.

Carpet Dyeing- I change the color of your carpeting

My color expertise is unmatched in West Michigan.  With my many years in the field combined with a very sensitive "eye" for color differentiation, I can solve your carpet color problems.  Other carpet cleaning companies, carpet retailers, Realtors and apartment complexes routinely call on me to fix color problems they have.

  • I can help with hiding those bleach, or other cleaning agent spills that have discolored your carpet.
  • I can restore your faded, dull carpet back to the way it looked WHEN   IT WAS NEW!
  • We can change the color COMPLETELY!  Yellow to Green, Light Blue to Mauve, White to ANYTHING.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

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