Carpet Cleaning

There are three components to cleaning carpets: quality equipment, quality chemicals, and a qualified person doing the work – it is that third component that is so often overlooked.  The in-home technician doing the work needs the knowledge, expertise, and motivation to do a quality job.  As an owner-operated business, The Professional – Robert Hurley – has over 40 years experience cleaning carpets and brings only the best in all three components to your home.

Our process begins with pre-treating all difficult spots and traffic areas and then we utilize a powerful rotary scrubber that gently cleans the carpet with a synthetic emulsifying shampoo.  This is followed up with a dry cleaning rinse and extraction, leaving carpets only damp when finished and in most cases, dry within hours! We tailor the exact equipment and environmentally safe chemicals to each job individually, guaranteeing you the personal service you need and desire.

Our cleaning is low in heat, low in Ph and low in moisture content, leaving carpets clean, fresh, and rejuvenated.  It also prolongs the life of your carpet!