Furniture and Draperies

Furniture Cleaning and Care

We use three different types of cleaning for furniture.

  • Steam – for heavily soiled, durable, water safe fabrics.
  • Foam – for lightly soiled, more delicate, water safe fabrics
  • Dry – only pure (water free) solvents are used on non-water safe fabrics

Did you know the manufacturer usually tells you which process to use? Just look under the cushions where there is usually a label stuck to the decking.

The label usually has one of four cleaning codes:
“W” – all water based cleaning methods are safe for this fabric. Dry cleaning products should NOT be used.
“WS” – all cleaning methods are safe.
“S” – use only pure solvents, no water-based cleaning agents
“X” – no cleaning agents of any kind can be used. VACUUM ONLY!

Consider this when you buy furniture. Furniture coded “S” or “X” has limited or no cleaning ability and these pieces should NOT be used in areas where traffic is heavy or spills are possible.

Drapery Cleaning And Care

The vast majority of window treatments are cleaned using mild, water-free pure solvents.  However, some vertical blinds can be cleaned with a dry foam process.  Steam cleaning is not recommended for in home cleaning of window treatments.  The risk of shrinkage and permanent water staining is just too great.  It is very important to have only a knowledgeable professional do the work.