Carpet Colorizing
The majority of today’s carpets are dye resistant and doing a complete color change is not as prevalent as in the past.  However, if color damage has occurred then a color restoration may still be possible!

Spot Dyeing
If small spots have appeared on your carpet from the use or spillage of strong cleaning chemicals, then we can help!  With a sensitive “eye” for color, and an understanding of color mechanics, we can restore those spots as close as possible to their original color. 

Has fading occurred at, or near a sliding glass door or other sun exposed area?  If so, then re-dyeing may be a solution.  By re-applying the original color over the entire carpet and feathering in additional color to the faded area, we can restore the carpet to a more uniform color.

Sometimes carpets just need a little boost in their color!  In certain situations, simply adding a little of the original carpet color into the cleaning solution will perk up those dull traffic area’s.  A good aggressive cleaning, combined with a color tinting is a powerful combination. This will not change the carpet color at all, but more color is naturally absorbed into the most worn area’s, giving them a slightly brighter appearance.

Carpet colorizing is a specialized service tailored to special needs and situations.  Please contact me personally for a free consultation.